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Views on #blacklivesmatter, issues of race

Readers talk about their experiences with police

Views on justice system, alternatives to incarceration

“Body cameras are good. … You have to prove everything. And this is one way that they’ll be able to prove it.”

Mark Sheets; Frankfort, Ind.

Tamir Rice case is a “huge tragedy revealing the many moral breakdowns of our society.”

Ed Kovalick from Wickliffe, Ohio, on outside reviews finding the police use of force in Rice shooting was justified

“All lives matter. I’m getting tired of hearing about this. There have been a lot of police officers getting killed.”

Chuck Boland; Baltimore

“Whatever happened to Officer Friendly? He has been transferred from the dreaded walking beat to the luxury of patrolling in an air-conditioned vehicle.”

Don Baron; Crown Point, Ind.

“Show the lynchings, show the police brutality, show this to the people — the younger generation that has not had a chance to see this shame.”

Raynard Boyd; Duluth, Ga.